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June 17, 2007

Introducing Finland and myself

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Personal background

I was lucky to be born in Finland (Helsinki), one of the wealthy Nordic countries, where I am still living. Being endowed with a reasonable amount of wit and with the help of the excellent Finnish education system, I managed to graduate from the Helsinki School of Economics (B.Sc. in Business Administration). After five years of domestic employment, it was time to work abroad – 4,5 years in Saudi-Arabia and one year in Libya. Later on I had the chance to study and work six months in China (Tianjin, Shanghai). Clan Ylä-Kauttu comes from Ruovesi in Central Finland.

Motto of Life

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” Richard Leider

Guiding principles

· practice makes perfect

· take the bull by the horn

· strike while the iron is hot

· you can’t win if you don’t play

· slow and steady wins the race

· good manners don’t cost anything

· you are sure to get what you deserve

· a good picture is worth a thousand words

· you cannot please everybody, so keep your own style


Favourite movies

The Shawshank Redemption (click)

Favourite music

Favourite books

Unto Parvilahti – Berijan Tarhat (click)

Favourite food

Pizza142I learned to favour Chinese food during my stay in China

063 crStrawberriesStrawberries with CreamChampagne

Favourite flowers and views in Helsinki

Cowslip 15.5.2009 in my gardenPoppies 9.6.2008 in my gardenLilies 24.6.2009 in my gardenPeonies 6.7.2008 in neighbour's gardenRose 14.7.2008 in my garden

Puotila 27.7.2008Kaisaniemi 30.7.2008Töölönlahti 21.8.2008 Töölönlahti 21.8.2008 A View from Talvipuutarha to Töölönlahti on 26.7.2009

Dream Cars

Places I have lived in


Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and Jizan

Boys are boysRiyadh flatRelaxing in Riyadh flatRSTP Site OfficeDrinkig coffee at office

Colleagues at officeFiat in site garageFor SaleFixingSurfing in Jizan

Libya Area Office in BengashirOur Living QuartersIn Libya 1984Building the CompoundPekka and purchaser Kalifa

6-nezaldy-diggingPekka and NezaldySwimming pool 1Swimming pool 2Pekka and Nezaldy on the pool

Tennis court 1Tennis court 2Tennis court 3Leptis Magna 16.11.1984Libya 1984

Our boat Ariadne 5 in May 1978the Launching in June 78Launching 2Thank God, it floatsCaptain and First Mate


antero 1Antero 2

Places I would like to go

Mount Antero in Colorado

People I admire

Bob Geldof in AfricaTina Turner - The Queen of RockBarbara Streisand

Friends Around

Friends around

Blogs I have made

Links to my three latest cycling trips to Europe are on the top right column.

Before a Bicycle TripHetas bicycletrip 2006Hetas fillari 2007Taiteiden yö 2007- Night of the Arts in Furuvik Helsinki


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